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The TIG process produces a variety of hazards, not only to those carrying out the operation but also in many instances to others in the vicinity such as inspectors, labourers and even other welders. Some of the hazards encountered are specific to TIG welding while others are of a more general nature.

Different hazards occur before welding commences, during welding and sometimes after welding has finished.

All the potential hazards need to be identified, measured where appropriate, assessed, and remedial or preventative measures put in place wherever necessary. It should also be remembered that different hazards may have the same effect on the body and so interactions between hazards should also be considered.

Types of Hazards in TIG Welding

The hazards encountered in TIG welding may be sub-divided into groups as follows:

  • Electrical and magnetic fields
  • Compressed and inert gases
  • Radiation